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Scooter Rental Daily/Weekly/Monthly

Our Motorbikes available for rent vary from scooters  ( Honda Vario Automatic ) being the most popular and simple to drive, from small 100cc jobs to more robust trail-bikes.

Prices start at Rp50,000 per day with discounts for longer rentals.

All motorcyclists, both drivers and passengers, must wear a helmet; these will be provided free by us.


Car rental is available with a choice of vehicles and the Toyota Avanza being the most popular also for larger groups we have the 8 seater Suzuki APV.


We reccomend you aqqire a International Driving Permit in your home country before setting out on your travels, if you dont have one you can get a temporary licence in Bali which we can arrange at an extra charge.



Please note driving in Bali can be a bit hair raising at times but the key is procced slowly until you get used to the way other traffic is flowing.

Price are quoted in Indonesia rupiah per day excluding insurance (24hours) so if you start rent 9am it returned at 9am next day, but you choose what time you want the rental to start.

Contact us to book or for more info if required.

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